Article 224 300x159 - How to Select the Right Brass Switches Or Brass Handles?Before choosing any brass handle or switch, it is essential to know whether they are stainless steel or brass. Then, you would want to buy the best quality brass handles or switches available in the market. Good quality SA brass handles will look beautiful and have a long life. They are made from a mixture of different metals like nickel and chromium. If you choose to buy an expensive brass handle, it should be of the best quality, and there are some features to look for in the handle you are choosing.


Most switches or brass handles are made by using a combination of brass and copper. However, there are other switches or SA brass handles that are made from pure gold or silver. Choosing one depends on the amount of work your hands are willing to put into the switch or handle. It would help if you also considered how often you would use the brass switch or handle.


The first thing you would want to check when buying brass handlebars for your hardware is the finish. It will determine the final look of the brass switch or handle because the finish used in making the handlebars will determine the face for the entire handle. Some finishes are flat and polished to give the brass a very good finish.


There are also different sizes of switch or brass handles. The standard brass handles come in common types like tenpins, five pins, two handles, and one handle. There are also mini brass handles and custom-made switch or brass handles used for smaller hardware like bulbs, buttons, lamps, toys, etc. The custom-made switch and handlebars are usually used in more significant projects like lamps, toys, switches, lights etc.


When buying the brass switch or SA brass handles, it is essential to look into the brass’s material. The purer the metal the brass switch or grip is made of, the more valuable it is. So, if the brass switch or handle you are looking at is made of stainless steel, you can be sure that the brass is of good quality. However, you cannot be sure about the other materials like nickel or chromium because they have a very high tolerance level and will rust in time. So, it is always advisable to buy brass handles that are made of a mixture of metals.