At City Physiotherapy Adelaide we are dedicated to giving you the best available level of hand on Physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists have a wealth of knowledge in all facets of the Physiotherapy treatment, from sports Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and exercise, to minimally invasive treatments for injuries or neuromuscular issues. We offer state of the art facilities at our centre in Adelaide. Our physio Adelaide treatments follow a structured approach to treatment, beginning with thorough assessments to determine the cause of the pain or injury. Then specific treatment plans are implemented to address the physiotherapy needs of each patient. Our aim is to promote a return to health and independence, while building self-esteem, through the continued support of our Physiotherapist, upon successful physiotherapy. Click this info for more details.


As one of only a few Pilates studios in Adelaide, we offer a friendly, non-judgmental environment, to our clients, that will leave them feeling at ease. We strive to make visits to our centre as comfortable as possible for our patients. Our philosophy is to offer a safe, effective and innovative approach to treating ailments, using simple and safe techniques. This has been well put across by our highly experienced Pilates teacher’s, Dr Kero, and Dr Miles, who are both involved with our center. We treat all clients with a caring and compassionate manner, adhering to the strict codes of practice we have established. All treatments are conducted under strict sanitary and health related guidelines.


124 300x194 - Physiotherapy in Adelaide - A Must VisitOur Pilates centre in Adelaide offers a full range of services to meet the diverse requirements of all our clients, including sports injury clinics, comprehensive physiotherapy, exercise programs, balance training, chiropractic, speech language pathology and much more. We treat individuals of all ages, from young children to adults. Many people travel from further afield to see their trusted Pilates physiotherapist at our centre, as they trust us to help them regain their vigor and strength. Our experienced physio team, made up of chiropractors, orthopaedic surgeons, physical therapists and medical staff, are available to deal with all needs efficiently and compassionately. Click this info for more details.


As well as a comprehensive program of rehabilitation and treatments, our centre incorporates our “no pain, no gain” philosophy, ensuring that clients remain active and healthy throughout the recovery process. Physiotherapy can be administered in a variety of ways, depending on the underlying cause of the injury. It can be implemented using manual therapy devices such as the triceps extender or resistance bands. Alternatively, physiotherapy can be achieved through ultrasound technology, laser therapy, electrical stimulation or heat treatment. Our trained clinicians are skilled at assessing each client’s individual needs and are able to tailor the appropriate course of treatment to meet each individual’s specific needs.


Our centre is accredited by the Australian National Accident Compensation Commission (ANACO) and the Royal physio Adelaide practitioners board. This ensures that we follow strict regulatory standards of conduct. Our treatment methodologies are based around the principle that pain is a result of a physical body problem and so our program focuses on correcting the underlying problem, rather than focusing on symptoms. We treat the body as a whole and strive to eliminate the causes of injury through correcting the structural imbalances that lead to pain. Click this info for more details.