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Men’s footwear has been a highly segmented market segment over the last few years, where trendy mens shoes challenge traditional styles. Advancing technology and evolving consumerism have both contributed to the evolution of men’s footwear. The evolution has been marked by brands offering a gamut of new designs and styles. However, some men’s footwear lines still have the same core elements, such as moisture management, quality construction and durability. To ensure continuity in your buying plan, it is important to refer to an up-to-date buying guide that offers all the necessary information to help you make the best buying decision.


The demand for mens footwear has increased tremendously since the turn of the millennium. Advancing technologies such as the sneaker industry have also increased popularity among sneakers, particularly among college students. Sneakers are now considered to be a symbol of youth and are the ideal footwear for athletic pursuits. The rise in popularity of mens sneakers can be attributed to style, durability, comfort and price. Advances in sneaker design have been spurred by technological innovation in recent years. As a result, shoe companies have invested significant time and resources to research and create innovative mens footwear with optimum comfort and durability.


With the rising popularity of mens footwear, retailers have invested considerable time and effort in developing their unique footwear line. Retailers such as Hanes, Maccabee and Gabor shoes have adopted this trend and offer their customers the widest collection of styles and designs available in the market today. The latest trend in men’s footwear has been the development of sneakers as a perfect gift. Gabor shoes have become renowned worldwide for the comfort and quality construction of footwear.


Gabor shoes offer a wide range of sneakers crafted from the finest leathers such as ostrich, snakeskin and calfskin. Each piece of leather is treated using only the highest quality manufacturing processes, resulting in durable, comfortable, and stylish products. Gabor footwear designs use modern technology to produce shoes that are not only stylish but also exceptionally durable. These sneakers are available in a wide variety of colours, including grey, black and brown. The secret behind the exceptional durability of these products is the sandal-lined construction of the outsole.