You Buy Espadrilles for the comfort they offer. Made of soft canvas and densely braided nylon rope, these simple, practical shoes are exceptionally lightweight, smooth, and convenient to wear. The best part, though, is that almost every brand creates their version of these shoes, so it’s very convenient on your pocketbook. They’re ideal for social-distance walking, relaxing in the house, or work attire (provided that’s eventually a thing again), especially when that ‘thing’ will be a treadmill. But which brands are the best? To name just a few, let’s take a look at the three most popular ones…

2 - How to Buy EspadrillesFirst, if you want to Buy Espadrilles for athletic or performance reasons – like you’re after the support that a good pair of running or walking shoe offers, or to avoid blisters on your feet – look for those manufactured by Adidas. Adidas has several models of athletic shoes, each offering varying degrees of support and cushioning. They have an excellent line of espadrilles, specially made for joggers who may need all the cushioning and support they can get. Look for the “AFC league” logo on the inner portion of the shoe.

Second, if you’d rather have a casual-looking shoe, the Dolce Gabbana line is perfect for you. The aesthetic or style of these Espadrilles varies depending on whether you’re buying them online or in a store, but many people choose a basic white or black colour. Dolce Gabbana’s line of espadrilles includes a version of the classic” Espadrilles” shoe with a photo via sole. The photo via sole allows the wearer to use their photo as the main design on the shoe. This is a wonderful way to give Espadrilles a personal touch without having to worry about the cost of professional photography.

Third, you might consider a Naguisa Suede Espadrilles shoe. A Naguisa shoe offers a unique take on the classic Espadrilles, offering women a thinner, sleeker option. The Naguisa features a photo via sole, allowing you to use your photograph as the main focus on the upper part of the shoe. Some of the more basic Naguisa Suede Espadrilles have a rubberized bottom, making it easier for the shoe to dry out after use. You can also find Naguisas that have patent strips along the side of the shoe for additional protection.

Fourth, there are the Espadrilles de balconies. These are called Espadrilles because they’re made from a panel of seats that resemble a balcony. When not in use, the panels fold up and create a space just above your foot. While these may seem like a rather unusual design, many Espadrilles come with a fold-up seat attached. This adds comfort and can make it easier for the kids to nap during the day.

Last, if you don’t want to Buy Espadrilles, other women’s shoes are quite stylish. One pair that comes to mind is Gaimo footwear. Made in the shape of traditional mules and sandals, Gaimo shoes have a simple, elegant design. So if you want to keep with the classic look of Espadrilles, but you also want to wear shoes that stand out, consider Gaimo!