10 300x150 - Your First Driving Lesson: What You Should Expect and What You Should Do Before Taking Your Driving Lessons in Gold CoastIf you’re reading this, then congratulations! Your first driving lesson with an instructor is just around the corner. You’ve done your research and found the perfect person to teach you how to drive, planned your outfit and picked out a car for yourself. But what happens next? What does it entail?


It helps if you know what’s going to happen so that when it comes time for your first driving lesson, you’ll be prepared and won’t feel nervous or scared about anything. This article will serve as a guide on how to prepare before your first driving lesson – from finding out what happens in one hour of lessons (hint: it’s not all spent behind the wheel) to knowing what questions will come up during a discussion at the end of your first driving lesson.


What to Expect on Your Driving Lessons in Gold Coast?

The following are things you can expect to happen during a one-hour driving lesson:

  • The instructor will show up on time and introduce themselves.
  • You’ll take the car for a test drive around the block, with an instructor pointing out everything that needs attention as they go along (e.g. speed, gear position)
  • You’ll get out of the car and go over what your instructor pointed out – either with them there or on your own
  • The driving lesson will end, and you can discuss at length with your instructor everything that happened during the one-hour driving lesson (e.g., any questions they had about how you did things or how you felt about them)
  • You’ll discuss what your next driving lesson will be like (e.g., whether it’s going to take place on a different day, at an additional time or if there are any changes in the schedule).


Knowing What Will Happen Helps Prepare Yourself for It

If you know what will happen during your first driving lesson with an instructor – and that it won’t all revolve around being behind the wheel of a car – this should help relieve some anxiety about getting behind the wheel for the first time. When something is familiar to us, we feel more confident when doing it instead of just jumping right into it without knowing anything beforehand.


This is why it’s a good idea to do some research before signing up for driving lessons in Gold Coast – so that you know what’ll happen when the time comes. This way, your instructor won’t need to tell you how long one hour of the driving lesson will last or whether they show up on time because these things would have been discussed beforehand, and there wouldn’t be any confusion about them afterwards.


It also helps if your first driving lesson doesn’t involve anything too challenging such as being behind the wheel during rush hour traffic! Save those kinds of experiences for later – after all, this isn’t supposed to be an overwhelming experience but rather a fun one where you can learn something new while having someone by your side who knows what they’re doing.