The V8 Racecar Simulator- Presented by Bridgestone- owned by Gary ‘Chuckie’ Baxter and Andrew ‘Eg’ Eglinton has so far proven to be a huge hit with fans of all ages at the 2007 Royal Adelaide Show. v8 - Chuckie and Eg's V8 Simulator Proves to be Crowd Simulator

The white knuckle race car Simulator attracted crowds that waited up to an hour to take two laps around the Clipsal 500 circuit under the bright lights of the Jubilee Pavilion.

Partner and Simulator manager Andrew Eglinton has been run off his feet each and every day since they started Friday with the long line of customers.

“It’s amazing the interest this experience is creating,” Eg says, “the line was pretty long at times and yet people waited patiently to have their go. It’s incredible.”

Motorsport fans of all ages queued for their chance to tame the Simulator whilst hundreds of on-lookers watched the progress of the driver belted in on the video monitor on the side of the machine.

“There’s no doubt this Simulator is attracting some serious interest,” Eg concedes, “until you drive it you can’t completely understand why but once you’re bitten you have to come back.”

Conceding Eglinton’s point is Yokohama V8 Ute Series commentator Wade Aunger, who strapped in for not one but three drives today at the Adelaide Show.

“The thing is truly awesome,” Aunger said after emerging from the cockpit with a toothy grin, “well worth the money and really a white knuckle ride. The car moves around on pneumatic shocks when you get over the ripple strips or get the car out of shape. It’s fantastic.”

Also settling in for a few drives today between his V8 Ute Driving Display at the show was co-partner Gary Baxter.

Baxter drove three times and got to within half a second of the fastest time of the day to that point – recorded by a youngster (not quite a teenager even) named Brendan.

Ah kids, you gotta love ’em!